Map of Robinson

City Boards and Commissions

Members of the Police and Fire Commission
Jerry Devonshire 1104 Park Forest Robinson, IL 618-546-5470
Rod Stewart 505 W Chestnut Robinson, IL 618-544-3036
Randy Cox 10343 N Glendale Rd Robinson, IL 618-544-4078
Members of the Airport Authority
Ron Barnett 309 N Park Forest Robinson, IL 618-546-1127
John Dappert 1600 W Cherry St Robinson, IL 618-544-4652
Douglas Goodwine 1110 N Walters Robinson, IL 618-546-5015
Members of the Robinson-Palestine Water Commission
Justin Childress 1513 N Countryview Robinson, IL 618-544-7953
Members of the E S D A Board
Bradley Midgett 905 W Magnolia Robinson, IL 618-421-1340
Members of the Robinson Planning Commission
Kurt J. Magee 509 W Walnut Robinson, IL 618-544-9300
John S. Arabatgis 1005 Amy Court Robinson, IL 618-546-5288
Michael Ferguson 303 N Sunset Blvd Robinson, IL 618-544-7602
Nicole Hall PO Box 1200 Robinson, IL 618-544-2121
Mark Stephens 1402 N Walters Robinson, IL 618-544-8953
Tyler Bush 702 W Julie Ct Robinson, IL 618-544-9322
Douglas Roberts 406 N Loyland Robinson, IL 618-546-5533