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Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTF) are located on outer Mitchell Avenue. The plant is operated by a Superintendent and four Operators/Maintenance employees.

The Robinson WWTP was constructed in 1982 and includes a 1.5 MGD Advanced Activated Sludge Plant and complete laboratory where they perform process control and NPDES testing. They also maintain 11 sewage pumping stations located throughout the city, an Industrial Pretreatment Program and provide wastewater billing. The plant has consistently met or exceeded its NPDES permit requirements over the past 16 years.

The Robinson Wastewater Treatment Facility is currently under a 7.8 million dollar upgrade. They are constructing a state of the art activated sludge facility while incorporating some of their existing infrastructure in the process.

Highlights of the new facility include Biological Nutrient Removal (Denitrification and Phosphorus removal), automated storm flow management, waste activated sludge screening and disposal, waste sludge conditioning to reduce waste sludge yield, ultraviolet disinfection, plant effluent water reuse and a comprehensive SCADA package which includes the plant and all 11 collection system lift stations.

The upgrade will raise the plant design average flow capacity from 1.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) to 2.5 MGD and the design peak flow capacity from 3.75 MGD to 6.25 MGD. The expansion began on 5/6/10 and will take approximately 1.25 years to complete.

Existing Treatment Processes at Robinson include:
Influent Grinder & Fine Screening
2 – Contact Stabilization Plants (containing integral 50′ clarifiers and aerobic digesters)
2 sets of 4 Rotating Biological Contactors for NH3-N Removal
2 – 50′ Tertiary Clarifiers
2 – Rapid Sand Filters

Belt Filter Press, Covered Sludge Storage Building and Agricultural Land Application.

The WWTF facility equipment is maintained by utilizing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The CMMS is a work order generating computer program designed to ensure maintenance tasks are performed at their recommended frequency. The facility also utilizes the eDMR reporting system.

Robinson operates on a five year plan which includes scheduled expenditures associated with facility upgrades, retrofits, repairs and new construction. They have a written safety program which includes monthly safety seminars. The seminars are presented in house by WWTF employees. The topics range from “Confined Space Entry”, to “Lockout – Tagout”. The facility promotes energy savings as well as pollution prevention & waste minimization by hosting Household Hazardous Waste and Used Tire collections. They provide tours for local schools, community colleges, civic organizations, and other interested groups and individuals.

The facility has been awarded numerous awards over the past few years for operation and maintenance excellence. The most recent by winning the 2007 Group 1 Plant of the Year by the Illinois EPA. The facility was awarded the Illinois Operator of The Year in 1999. They have also been nominated two other times for Group 1 Plant of the Year and twice for Operator of the Year. The facility placed second in USEPA’s Region Five O&M excellence for medium advanced wastewater facilities in 1998. The facility employees are all certified wastewater operators. Robinson promotes educational opportunities for their operators by means of college courses, CD ROM training (WEF), seminars, conferences, etc. They are members of the IAWPCO, WEF and IWEA.

For residential customers, a monthly fee of a minimum of $10.00 per month is charged for sewer usage. It is based on water usage, and additional charges are made on the cubic feet of water used. Bills are mailed before the 15th of each month, and due on the 28th of each month.

Bills may also be paid at:
First Financial Bank and Regions Bank
7 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday

* Two night deposit boxes are also available. At the community center, a walk-up box is to the right of the front doors. A drive-up box is across from the Catholic church.

Contact information
Phone: 618-544-7616 (Lynn Weger-Williams, Billing Manager)
or 618-544-8110 (Lawrence Quick, Superintendent)

Contact Lawrence Quick:

Sewer Use Ordinance
The City of Robinson Sewer Use Ordinance is also available for download.
Sewer Use Ordinance and IPP Index

Sewer Use Ordinance

New Plant Construction Photos: